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Receive truth oriented counseling in a grace filled environment.

Compassion Counseling Center

Counseling is free of charge and kept strictly confidential. Contact 507-208-8822 to set up a counseling appointment.

Compassion Counseling Center exists to help you with life issues and discover freedom in the truth, without legalism or condemnation, regardless of ability to pay. Compassion counseling Center is directed and supervised by a team of licensed mental health professionals and staffed by lay counselors. In addition to extensive training, lay counselors have experienced similar struggles and have found grace, freedom, hope and truth.

Calvary Evangelical Free Church is a proud to host the Compassion Counseling Center most Thursday Evenings 7pm – 9pm.

For more information about the counseling center, see the Compassion Counseling Center website.

Emergencies: Call 911. Compassion Counseling Center is not an emergency response counseling service.

Compassion Counseling  Center counselors

Since launching in 2010, Compassion Counseling Center (CCC) has served individuals from 61 southeastern Minnesota cities. CCC is supported by 63 volunteers from 29 different churches who serve on various teams, including Prayer, Hospitality, Security, Office/Admin, Marketing, Scoring, Supervision, Leadership, Counselors, and Intake Team. During the most recent counseling season, 119 individuals received counseling from 24 well-trained lay counselors at the center.

Your investment as a counselor, prayer team member, data input and analysis person, or security team member will demonstrate your ministry of care and make a difference in lives of people in hard places. Contact Vicki at 484-269-8314 if you are interested in volunteering.

From Compassion Counseling Counselees:

  • My counselor was exactly what I needed at the exact time I needed her. God placed her in my life and she helped me see God more clearly.
  • Wonderful group of individuals. Gave me hope that I couldn’t find in other places.
  • Thank you for providing this service. It has been invaluable to me at a time when I had nowhere else to turn for help.
  • My counselor was instrumental in helping me cope with my past hurts. I am so very grateful.

From Compassion Counseling Counselors:

  • This work is an encouragement to my faith, especially when we hear powerful, healing stories.
  • My understanding and compassion for others has grown. I have a sense of how Jesus views us.
  • CCC helps me see and experience God’s grace.
  • I have seen God work! I know I can’t do this without him.
  • I am honored to be a part of CCC, to be a part of such a wonderful compassionate staff is not an opportunity afforded to many. Every week I learn something new – fabulous role models.
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