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Missions at Calvary

Global Outreach

Our mission statement at Calvary is to glorify God by making disciples of Jesus who live out passion for Christ and compassion for people. One practical way we hope to live out our passion and compassion is through local and international work to serve and love people well.

We believe that everyone who calls Calvary home should be mission-minded and choose to serve, love, and proclaim the gospel from their neighborhoods to the nations. We also believe that while many are called to go, even more are called to be senders.


Our mission’s team is the connection between Calvary and its missionary partners, providing support, communication, prayer, and more.

If you want to learn more about the team, are interested in joining the team, or simply want to contact us, please email at .


We pray weekly for various missions-related topics. You can follow along and click on the cards below to see the latest updates from missionaries, their prayer requests, and more.

John Chaco


National and International Missionary Partners and Organizations

Calvary supports 26 missionary partners and organizations serving across the world in countries on four continents. In recent years, 10-13% of our budget is dedicated specifically to support these missionaries, their ministries, and the amazing work they are doing throughout the world. We deeply appreciate the generosity of the people of Calvary to make this happen!

Missionary Updates

Please enjoy these most recent missionary updates


Roy and Darla Oksnevad

ReachGlobal, Chicago


Chuck and Kathy Hohnbaum

Serge in Cork, Ireland

Enrique and Becky Fernandez

Enrique and Becky Fernandez

ReachGlobal, Twin Cities


Charley and Cheryl Warner

Barnabas International, Irpin, Ukraine


Rick and Becky Mackey

United World Missions in Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic


Will and Alisa Copeland

Global World Missions, Tenwek Hospital near Nairobi, Kenya


Larry and Bella Mori

ReachGlobal, Sendai, Japan

Missions at Calvary

Pray for Missionaries

Financial needs of Missionaries

DR Mission Trip 2023

Pray for DR Mission Trip

DR Mission Trip, June 20-July 3

Missions at Calvary

Pray for MAF Pilot

Pray for MAF pilot, Ryan Koher

Ukraine – New Quarter Church

Ukraine – New Quarter Church

Ukraine – New Quarter Church

Harlan and Josie Lloyd

CEF in Soldotna, Alaska

António and Ana Maria Figueira

António and Ana Maria Figueira

Outreach to the Portuguese speaking world, Porto, Portugal

Anna Pederson

Anna Pederson

Teaching in Sentani, Papua Indonesia with MAF

Rob and Tammy Mittuch

Rob and Tammy Mittuch

CRU, New Jersey

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John Chaco

Youth Pastor & Mission Team Lead

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