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MISSION of Discipleship

Our primary mission and function in its irreducible-minimum form

Every member of a family is growing deeper in
a faith of their own.


In order to honor God and pursue our mission, we will be guided by these values:

  • Equip Parents
  • Prepare Students
  • Develop Leaders
  • Serve Others
  • Engage Inter-generationally
Every parent is growing deeper in
a faith of their own.
Every child is growing deeper in
a faith of their own.
Every student is growing deeper in
a faith of their own.

Wednesday Night Connect

Wednesday nights during the school year are full of activity at Calvary! There is a little something for almost everyone. Wednesday is the key family ministry night that strives to invest in the next generation in age-specific and family-friendly ways. With that in mind, we have designed the night with continuity and convenience to help families coordinate busy schedules.
Family Equipping Logo
Feast of FamMin
Get monthly updates and encouragement for parents through the Feast of FamMin blog. The Feast helps point parents toward helpful resources, encouraging truths from scripture about parenting, and updates on events and opportunities coming soon.

Family Ministry Milestones

For Every Year They're At Home

This incredibly helpful website equips parents with tools to engage in experiences with their children that make memories and help families focus on Jesus, and there is an experience each year from birth through age 18. 

Two other essential milestones in the life of our kids may be communion and baptism. However, sometimes it’s hard to know the right time or whether our kids are ready for these big next steps.

Calvary has created some helpful resources for families to aid in navigating these conversations. Please see the links below to printable PDF resources.


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Pastor Brian Martin

Brian Martin

Family-Equipping Pastor

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John Chaco

Youth Pastor & Mission Team Lead

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Amy Bowers

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