Which book of the Bible have you read the most?

We are Calvary Stories


By Brian Martin, Family Equipping Pastor

The book of the bible I go back to over and again is James. James writes so directly to followers of Jesus about how life should be lived, and where hope should be found. I think it’s the first book of the bible that I felt I could really understand on my own without a lot of help. That’s also why I tell people who are new to reading the bible to start with John first, and then James. It just makes sense. And, because of its short length, one can feel accomplished having read the whole thing – which I think encourages them to move on to the next book!


By Wayne Bowers

One of my favorite books of the Bible is Ecclesiastes.  I appreciate the transparency of Solomon’s recording of his search for meaning in life, he didn’t sugarcoat anything.  The theme of the whole book is very assuring to me, regardless of the season of circumstances in life, whether they bring plenty or want, ease or difficulty, leisure or labor, it doesn’t matter.  True meaning and purpose in whatever life brings will only be found in a life lived for God and pursuing His purposes in those circumstances.  I also love the reminder in Ch. 4:9-12 that life is so much better lived in relationship with others, and that makes me so thankful for my Calvary church family.

We are Calvary Stories are a way to build a sense of community through story, we’d like to gather submissions from YOU the church body, telling the tales of great times of community and connection through the years and with our church-family. Every two weeks or so, we will be sharing a prompt. If you have a story to answer it, we’d love to hear it! It could be just a few words or a few paragraphs, but we’d love to hear it. (It can be something recent, of course, but it can be from any time during your involvement at Calvary – and it doesn’t have to only be COVID-related stories!)  Responses will be gathered and published on the website in the near future. To submit a story, please email: stories@calvaryefree.church.

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