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Calvary Evangelical Free Church

Taking our Cue from Quecreek

The Quecreek story is our story, not just during COVID-19, but always. We need to be rescued from above. And one day, like all the Quecreek Nine, all those saved by the blood of Jesus will be. While we are down here in this life on this earth, we desperately need to do what the miners did – rope ourselves together!

Calvary Evangelical Free Church

How to Store Fido

God made us to run and jump and play, too. If we run the ‘hood with no rules, we will upset others and eventually hurt ourselves. But if we are tethered or caged up with rigid rules, we are gloomy and grumpy. The answer is invisible fence – joyful freedom within the boundaries our Master has specified for each one of us.


FISH – Who decides what the text MEANS?

Who knows what a “text,” any text, in the Bible means? The one who wrote the text, not the one who reads it, knows what the text really MEANS.

Pigs Can Fly

My son Drew received a pile of money for Christmas when he was ten. He had seen the advertisements running …

Learning to Play Dutch Blitz

Have you ever played Dutch Blitz? In Dutch Blitz, the purpose is to unload all your cards as fast as …

God’s Tumbler: Let’s be Polished Together

Let’s be Polished Together in 2013 My childhood friend, Kevin, was always filling his pockets with stones. Back in his …

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