Top Ten Proofs Jesus Rose

Evidence for the Resurrection

Proofs Jesus Rose From the Dead

  1. Jesus said he would
  2. The Old Testament prophets predicted he would die and rise from the dead. If Jesus did not, these prophesies are wrong and the Bible is false.
  3. . If he did not rise, he’s a liar.
  4. The tomb was empty. Even his enemies acknowledged that. And nobody ever discovered a body.
  5. His disciples claimed Jesus rose, and stuck with their story despite ten of the eleven being put to death for it.
  6. His skeptical half-brother James saw Jesus alive, and was so utterly convinced that he embraced his big brother as the living God.
  7. He appeared to more than 500 people in one place. So much for the idea a raised Jesus was a hallucination.
  8. He appeared to Saul of Tarsus, the greatest Christian-killer alive, and Saul believed. Saul changed his name. You may have heard of him — the Apostle Paul.
  9. Jesus and the Bible tie your eternal destiny to the reality of the resurrection. I mean, what good is a dead Savior?
  10. Easter morning, around the world, approximately two billion people are worship Jesus as the risen Savior. Two billion people could be wrong.  But maybe not, and at the very least wouldn’t you want to know the reasons they are so sure they are right?
  11. For many people reading this, Jesus is unmistakably whispering to them, as he did to his disciples 2,000 years ago, “Follow me.”

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