Calvary Evangelical Free Church

Calvary’s Facilities Use Policy

Mission Statement

The mission of Calvary Evangelical Free Church is to help people to know, love, and honor God. The sacrificial giving of the Lord’s people has provided these facilities. We feel a deep sense of responsibility to maintain the facilities and equipment in good condition.

Priority for Use of Facility

Because of the multipurpose use and design of the facility, there may be several groups requesting use of and/or using the facility at the same time. Our church ministries programs and funerals have first priority, approved church family events have next priority, followed by approved community use.

Facility Use Standards

  1. This is a tobacco and alcohol-free facility.
  2. No social dancing allowed.
  3. Room capacities are to be observed when planning events.
  4. For the security of the building, please do not unlock unneeded doors or prop open outside doors. Exterior doors unlocked for your event must be monitored. All exterior doors must be locked and checked that they have properly latched when leaving the building
  5. No red beverages or powdered sugared pastries may be served in the building.
  6. No food or beverages are allowed in the sanctuary and gym. (Exceptions must be approved.)
  7. Authorized personnel must move all heavy furniture such as pianos, pews, etc.
  8. Items (i.e., tables, chairs, kitchen equipment, A.V. equipment, etc.) used, must be returned to their original location. Prior approval is necessary to move and use items from another location.
  9. Only church authorized personnel are to operate audio/visual systems.
  10. General room clean up is required by the group using the facility.
  11. Children should be with their parents or in appropriately supervised groups at all times.
  12. Damage to the building and damaged or non-working equipment must be reported. Individuals or organizations that use the facility are responsible for the property they damage.
  13. Tennis shoes are required when using the gym for sporting events. (No black soled shoes.)
  14. No athletic activities are allowed in the gym during worship service.
  15. Please, no roller skating, rollerblading or skateboarding in our facility.
  16. Use of the kitchen assumes person’s using it have had adequate training with all equipment to be used.
  17. The church is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged articles.

Church Scheduling Calendar

Any and all dates/events (on-site or off-site) must FIRST be communicated and approved by the Facilities Manager and the Pastoral Staff before publicizing.

Application Procedures

  1. Fill out a Facilities Use Request Form and submit it to Joel Minchinton, the Facilities Manager. You may submit it through the church website which sends it directly to Joel Minchinton upon submission or you may place a completed hard copy in his mailbox in the church workroom.
  2. Pastoral approval when needed.
  3. The Facilities Manager will call or email to notify you of approval.
  4. Promotion may then begin. To put items in the monthly Ministy Update, send an email to Tim Nelson at by the 15th of the month. To put items on the church website, send an email to Gail Peterson at .

This process allows for maximum coordination of ministries and helps to avoid overlapping and conflicting events that may affect the various ministries. Therefore, they must be used by everyone that plans to use the facilities at Calvary Evangelical Free Church.

Fees-Applicable to All Non-church Functions

Payment, when applicable, is due 7 days in advance of reserved events/meetings. Refunds will be given with 48-hour notice. Checks are to be made payable to: Calvary Evangelical Free Church. When submitting payment please make sure you indicate what it is for so that it is applied correctly.  Click here to view the room fees.

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