Contribute to Calvary Ministries

Contribute to our Calvary Ministries

To offset the expense of offering Wednesday Night Family Meals, Sunday Morning Coffee Connection Coffee and treats, and Thursday morning child care, we are asking all Calvary attendees to consider supporting the ministries financially.  Any help you can provide to cover these expenses is appreciated!

Note: If you are giving above the amount suggested for the year to cover costs and want a donation receipt, please give via check and add what you are contributing to in the check memo field (for example, “Donation – Wed. night meal”).  You can then drop it off in our office mail slot.
Coffee Connection coffee and treat

Sunday Morning Coffee Connection Coffee & Treats

It costs Calvary $8000 a year to provide the Sunday Morning Coffee Connection Coffee and treats.

Wednesday Night Family Meal

Wednesday Night Family Meals

It costs Calvary about $3 a person per week for the Wednesday Night Meal

renovare childcare

Thursday Morning Renovare Child Care

It costs Calvary  about $7.50 a child per week to be in Thursday morning child care.

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