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Select Directory in Church Center

Login to the Church Center website, calvaryefc.churchcenter.com or open the Church Center app on your mobile device.

Select the “Directory” submenu in the “More” menu, to access Calvary’s Online Church Directory.


Opt-in to Calvary Online Directory

Select the “Share it Now” link to add your contact information into the directory.

Opt-in to the Directory

Share your Contact Info and Join

Select the Contact Information you want to share with other Calvary atttendees and click “Join Directory”.  If you need to change your contact info, edit your profile. Upload a picture of you and your family.

Upload Household & Profile Picture

Upload your household picture by selecting your entry in the directory and then select the “Edit Shared Details” button.

Upload your profile picture, by going to your profile page.

profile image
not invited to directory

Request to be invited

If you see the message, “You haven’t been invited to the directory. But don’t fret! Contact your church administrator to get an invite.”, email to request to be added our church directory.  All Calvary regular attenders and members should be able to access the online directory.

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