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We we recently moved to a new church database solution, Planning Center and are using a new attendee website and mobile app, Church Center where you can manage your group.

Church Center
Group Attendance

Church Center Group Attendance

As a group leader now you will receive an automated email reminder to post attendance for your group from Church Center instead of Infellowship. Select the “Take Attendance” blue button link in the attendance email your receive to login and enter your attendance in Church Center. Please login by entering your mobile phone or email you have used in the past to access your group.  Then enter your texted or emailed  one-time use auth code to login.  No password is needed.  If your group’s schedule changes or you need to add someone to your group, you will need to login to Planning Center Groups.  See directions below….

Your Group Did Not Meet?

If your group did not meet a particular week.  You can select the “Events” menu item and then the particular meeting date.  Then in the options menu select the “Cancel” option.

You can also go to the  “Events” menu and select an event date to post attendance.

Cancel Event Meeting
Church Center Groups

Church Center Groups

You and all the members of your group can go to https://calvaryefc.churchcenter.com/groups directly via a web browser or though the Church Center mobile app and login to view group member’s contact info, message one another, view group resources.

Manage your Group in Planning Center

As leader of the group, you can also manage your group by selecting the “Manage on Planning Center” Actions menu item.  You will then be asked to login with a planning center password. 

Login into
Planning Center

Login with the email you have listed in your Church Center user profile as your primary email.  It is recommend that it be the email you want to receive our Calvary weekly emails.

You may have a Planning Center password from volunteering in Worship or Children’s Ministries or if not or you do not know your password select the “Need a password?” link to set a new password.

planning center login
email group

Email your group in
Planning Center

In Planning Center Groups, you can email your whole group or selected members.  Select the envelope icon to compose and send your email.

If you or members of your group are not receiving email from Planning Center or Church Center in your primary inbox, you may need to whitelist the Planning Center and Church Center email
addresses used to send emails.  This can be done by adding the following emails to your email contacts.

Email Addresses to Whitelist

Whitelisting instructions for the common email providers like gmail and outlook can be found online.

Planning Center Groups

Manage your group in
Planning Center

In Planning Center Groups, you can email your group, update your group settings, add and remove group members.

Planning Center Group Leader documentation can be found here: 

If you have any questions, feel free to ask, [email protected]

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