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Tim Nelson
Tim Nelson
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Tim has been the Executive Pastor since 2010.  Prior to that, he planted an EFCA church in Pennsylvania for 12 years and spent more time than that in the restaurant industry.   In 1993 Tim received his M-Div from Bethel Seminary. In May, 2010, Tim was asked to fill the Interim Executive role, and in April, 2011, Calvary called Tim to officially fill that role. They have four children: Alyssa, Drew, Josiah, and Haley.

Roles at Calvary

Tim’s main jobs are spinning the plates (personnel, facility, finances, communications, etc.) to enhance what the other five pastors desire to do.

Person Who Impacted You the Most

Well, it sounds cliché, but clearly my mother. She loved Jesus, I mean really loved Jesus, with her tender heart from her first conscious thoughts as a child. She was a servant, self-sacrificing, a magnet to the lost, the least, and the left behind. Her name was Delight. I have only found one other woman in my life with the name ‘Delight.’ She is now with Jesus, but her life is all over mine, as well as that of my six siblings.

Little Known Fact About You

My mother taught me her exact process for making her caramel walnut sticky buns (Mom called them ‘caramel rolls’). No one else in our family knows how to do it. I have taken these to people on very special occasions, like when they have a baby. I have had a number of women tell me they are seriously considering having another baby just for Delight’s caramel rolls. Michele and I keep nursing the idea that when we are really old, we will open a little coffee shop for 3-4 hours a day to serve the best Colombian coffee and Delight’s caramel rolls. (Don’t even think about asking for the recipe).

Turning point (or defining moment) in your walk with God?

Right about the time I came to Calvary.  A five year hiatus from church ministry provided perspective.  I came to feel like a person who had suffered severe head trauma – needing to learn to do most everything all over again.  That was especially true in what it meant to be a follower of Jesus. It became clear to me I could not do life in the way I have always done it and be in the yoke beside Jesus. Somehow, I feel like I got most of it wrong the first 50.

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