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John was born and raised in Southern California, attended Calvary Chapel Bible College in Temecula, CA and graduated May of 2013 with a degree in Ministry from Crossroads Bible College here in Rochester, MN. John has been involved in Student Ministries since arriving at Calvary in 2011, being a small group leader and 11/12 grade Sunday school teacher. John has been on staff at Calvary since April of 2012 serving as the Executive Admin Assistant.  During the 2014-15 school year John was asked to serve as a youth pastor at Calvary and has been serving in that capacity since.  John and Sara have three children — Myah, Naomi, and Joe.

Roles at Calvary

John’s exclusive focus is on building the wave of Middle and High School students at Calvary into devoted followers of Jesus. Recently, his passion for evangelism has been infecting both youth and adults at Calvary.

Person Who Impacted You the Most

For me it wasn’t just one person but three.  Growing up my mother and grandfather were instrumental in shaping my character and were living examples of what Christ-like love looked like.  Today I’m blessed to have my wife Sara at my side, patiently praying and loving me through life’s journeys (that’s a euphuism for me being a knucklehead at times).  These three have each built upon the foundation I have in Christ and have been my strongest supporters in life.

Biggest Passion in Ministry

Witnessing the act of Worship in the life of the believer as God receives the glory due to His name. Favorite Thing to Do in Your Free Time -Play any game, be it a board game or sports as I’m super competitive and love a good challenge.  I’m also a huge Gopher Football fan.

Defining Moment in Your Walk With God

There was a time in my life where I went to grab a clean diaper for my baby girl and my wife informed me we had no more money to purchase diapers.  I remember feeling like such a failure, I broke down weeping at such a poor father (literally and figuratively) I had become.  I couldn’t even manage to provide the basic necessities for my own family.  Long story short, in the mail that day was a check from a previous job I completed months ago. I remember seeing God’s provision in the mailbox that day, that moment is when I realized God provides all that I need exactly when I need it.  He will always be faithful!

Interesting fact

That John is related to The Property Brothers is just rumor.

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