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Brian Martin
Brian Martin
Family Equipping Pastor

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Brian has been Calvary’s Family Ministries Pastor since June, 2015. He started his college years at UW-Eau Claire, but moved back to Green Bay and finished up with a degree in English from St. Norbert College in 2007. Brian joined the staff as the youth pastor at his home church in Green Bay from 2005-2011. At that time, the family moved to Minnesota where Brian first worked at Youth Frontiers. Only one year into that role, a unique opportunity opened up at Faith Covenant Church in Burnsville, MN (where the family had been attending church), and both Brian and Ann felt a clear sense that that role was God’s plan in that time. Brian served as the Youth Director, and then Director of Children, Youth and Family for three years at Faith. In the spring of 2015, Brian (who apparently enjoys stress) celebrated the birth of his son, graduated with a Master’s of Theological Studies from the University of Northwestern – St. Paul, and accepted the role of Family-Equipping Pastor at Calvary.  He and his wife, Ann, have five children: Claudia, Kennedy, Rowyn, Jefferson, and Silas.

Roles at Calvary

Brian’s main jobs are overseeing ministry to children 0-18 and equipping their parents with training and tools.

Person Who Impacted You the Most

My dad is definitely the person who has impacted me the most. He has always been a great example of work ethic, wise choices, faith, and courage.

Little Known Fact About You

I do a pretty entertaining impression of a velociraptor… but it is only available on special occasions.

Defining Moment in Your Walk With God

In 7th grade, I joined the cast of a Christmas play at my church. Throughout the weeks of rehearsals, I watched people express their passion for faith woven into real life. It was almost as if these people actually believed what the Bible said! That example started me on my faith journey in a way that was real and meaningful, and I’m thankful for it to this day.

Interesting fact

Brian has been in more countries than states

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