October welcome: seasons of change

by Jill Pearson

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If I were a maple tree, I think that I would be in the early stage of autumn, when the leaves are tinged with red, but the full colors have yet to be realized. Which makes me think…wouldn’t it be amazing if, instead of gray, our hair turned the vibrant colors of October as we aged?! Just imagine it! Anyway, I’ve certainly passed the green spring and golden summer stages of my life. Those are seasons I look upon fondly, but would not trade for my present life.

My young adult children are in their early summers, where everything is new and exciting, but where the thunderstorms can be harsh, while my parents are in their late autumns, still rich with color, but inching closer to winter.  All of us follow the pattern of nature, moving through seasons as we experience the joy and pain (and , for me at least, hot flashes) of change. When we seek Him, God meets us in each of these seasons, bestowing wisdom and grace.

This month, we’ve invited women to share about their “seasons of change;”  times in their lives when they’ve transitioned from a comfortable, predictable place, into a new and unknown story, and how God met them there. Karyn Grenz shares about the difficult decision to leave a church and find a new one, while Tara Maier writes about her winding path to a new career.   Elizabeth Walby opens up about receiving a difficult diagnosis for her young daughter, and Kristi Muston shares the challenges of transitioning from working woman to stay-at-home mom. We’ll enjoy a delicious apple pie recipe from Caroline Larson, read a book review by Vicki Tierney, and get to know Michele Nelson and Stephanie Dickie in Faces of Calvary.

Thank you for reading The Stir and encouraging us with your comments. It’s a joy to share the stories and insights of Calvary’s lovely ladies.

Jill Pearson

Jill Pearson is co-editor of The Stir, wife to Dave, and mom to three young adults who have flown the nest but are easily lured back with an offer of dinner. She owns and operates Riverwood Studio, an art education business, and finds creative ways to serve at Calvary.

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