Feast of Famly Ministries

Feast 011 :: Power Under Control

Meekness is both completely misunderstood, and also under-emphasized as a beautiful quality to pursue. So let’s clear it up: Meekness is power under control. It is not synonymous with weakness (it just happens to rhyme with it so we get confused). In fact, it is fundamentally opposite of weakness. Meekness requires that one HAS power, but that they have their power under control, and that they use it promote, elevate, and help others around them – particularly those who have less power, influence, status, or prestige than they have.

Feast of Famly Ministries

Feast of FamMin 007 :: Family -Together Spiritual Habits – Service

But let’s be really honest: Christians are not the only people who believe serving is important, and not all forms of service are done with Christ in mind. This is where gospel-centered becomes an important qualifier in our Habit. The difference between gospel-centered service and service motivated by other things (guilt, duty, forced volunteerism) is that it has a higher purpose and a larger intention.

Feast of Famly Ministries

Feast of FamMin 004 :: Rescue

We want to keep our kids – to rescue them – from lots of things. We want to rescue them from pain and suffering. We want to rescue them from poverty, from hardship, and oppression. We want to rescue them from bad friendships and bad relationships and bad marriages. We want to rescue them from insignificance and from failure. We want to rescue them from their own bad habits, from the internet, from the evils of culture, and from the war within their own hearts and minds. However, there is no other God who is able to rescue in this way.

Feast of Famly Ministries

Feast of FamMin 003 :: Dynamic Partnerships

A Dynamic Partnership (or DP) is a formal partnership that families can choose to enter into that includes a series of strategic conversations, self-analysis, goal-setting, and reflection for parents. The process is mostly asynchronous with the opting-in family controlling most of the schedule. The process includes three assessments (online), a conversation with a DP leader, a conversation with a “Next Phase Family” (parents who have recently passed through the parenting phase you are currently in), and a few more pieces.

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