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Mark and Dave

Running the Race Together

Mark and Dave have each donated over 350 pints of whole blood and platelets. They are so regular at the Mayo blood bank that workers mix them up.

My Journey Toward Jesus

By: Leslie Gaska My faith journey began in fits and starts with detours along the way. I was first confirmed …

Becky and Kathy

ALL things

By Kathy Bergquist On May 18, 1972, a 10 – year – old girl’s life suddenly changed when she attempted …

Invest, and Let it Grow

In 1971, while attending a Lutheran church in St. Louis Park, Tom and Pat Hallstrom decided to invest time through …

Flapdoodles Homemade Ice Cream

Matt and Vicki Tierney had ministry on their minds almost from the moment they met as Lawrence University students. Graduated …

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