You Are Cordially Invited

God invites us to find everlasting satisfaction in His provision and in His Word.

I. Come to a feast hosted by God. (v.1-5)

A. Who has been invited?

B. What does God offer us?

C. How do we receive what God is offering?

John 4:7-14

Isaiah 25:6-9

II. Seek the LORD. (v.6-9)

A. Call upon Him. (v.6)

II Peter 3:9-10

B. Turn from sin and return to the Lord. (v.7)

C. Acknowledge God as God. (v.8-9)

III. Rejoice in God’s promises. (v.10-13)

A. God’s promises (v.10-11)

B. God’s peace (v.12)

C. God’s protection (v.13)


Discussion Questions:

1) Why would someone turn down what the Lord offers in exchange for things that don’t satisfy?

2) How can we buy something that is offered “without money and without price”?

3) How can you better listen to God?

4) In what ways are we a part of God’s covenant with David?

5) What does it mean to seek and to call on the Lord?

6) How are God’s thoughts and ways different than our own?

7) With God’s word, are you an eater, a sower, or both?

8) How can you come to and seek the Lord more fully this week?

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