Worship: Love Expressed God's Way

Discussion Questions:

1) Why does worship have to be done in the way God requires in order for Him to accept it?

2) Who do you know who is, in your opinion, a “great” worshiper? What makes you say that? (And of course, it’s not really about comparing or ranking. We are just looking for what behaviors inspire you.)

3) Why do you think God designed human interaction to be the basis of acceptable love expressions toward Him? In other words, why did Yahweh differentiate himself from other “gods” of the ancient world by saying loving others was the key to loving Him?

4) In your own faith story, what have been some categories of your stiff-necked-ness? What parts of your life have been hard to give up to God? What parts feel hardest to surrender now?

5) If all believers took more seriously the charge to act as a “chosen race [and] a royal priesthood,” how would our churches look different?

6) What expression of love and worship can you add to your response this week to increase your worship for God?

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