Witnesses to the Light

I. Its dark out there, because its dark in here.

II. We desperately need a durable source of life and light in our dark world.

III. You are not the light, but you can point to it.

IV. Can you be a mirror?

Discussion Questions:

1) Have you ever been stuck in darkness where you really thought you might die? If it’s appropriate, tell the story.

2) How dark is it out there? Are the optimists just in denial? Are the pessimists fixating on the negative?

3) People’s eyes adjust to the dark. Have your eyes adjusted to our darkness? How desperate for light and life are you?
How does that show up in your life?

4) How real is the struggle between forces of darkness in our world and the light?
Why does John write “the darkness has not overcome it”?
What is the connection between the light and life?

5) How do you react to the idea that you are not a light in a dark world?
Why did the Apostle John write that John the Baptist wasn’t himself the light but only pointed to it? When you think of all that John the Baptist did – national revival, confronting kings, mass baptisms – why wasn’t he considered a light in the dark?

6) How did John the Baptist testify to the light?

7) What role does faith have in moving from darkness to light, from death to life?

8) What role does repentance/changing your life have in moving from darkness to light?

9) How shiny is your mirror? How much do you reflect Christ’s glory to those around you? How often do you polish the mirror?

10) Is your mirror broken? Are you willing to give God the pieces?
Can you believe that a mosaic beautifully reflects God’s glory?

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