When God Meets Us in the Midst of Our Trials

Discussion Questions:

1) (Ps. 77:1-15) Read the entire passage. What key words and phrases stand out and why?

2) (Ps. 77:1-5) What is Asaph's situation/condition? What are some similar situations you've been in? Describe a time when your "soul refused to be comforted" (v. 2).

3) (Ps. 77:6-9) The Five Questions. Is it OK to ask such questions as a believer, or is it a sign of unbelief? Have you ever thought God had ceased His favor, love, promises, grace or compassion in your life or the life of others? What was your response at the time?

4) Read James 1:2-5, 13. According to the sermon, what's the difference between trials (v. 2) and temptations (v. 13)? We can have joy in the Lord despite trials. Share a time in your life when this happened.
--Is your heart humble enough to ask God for his wisdom (v. 5)? He's ready to give wisdom, and give it generously.

5) (Ps. 77:10-12) Our focus should be on Jesus and not our problems and trials. If you are in the midst of a difficult situation or trial right now, where is your focus?
--There was an illustration in the sermon of a vase that was never used for flowers but for remembering God's faithfulness in the past. Share how you practically remember God's faithfulness. Brainstorm creative new ways you can do this in your own life and in your family.

6) (Ps. 77:12-15) Our response. Close in prayer and thankfulness for God's faithfulness in your life in the past even if you can't see what he's doing now in the midst of your difficulty or trial.

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