Way. Truth. Life.

Discussion Questions:

1) Summarize in ten words or less what the main point of the message was.

2) Read John 13 to set the stage for Jesus’ statement of being way, truth, and life. In what ways do the events of chapter 13 inform this profound statement in chapter 14?

3) Why do you think Jesus chose to wash Judas’ feet along with the others? He could have dismissed him first, and then performed the foot washing…

4) How often are you aware of your own lostness without Jesus? Do you reflect on that fact daily? Weekly? Monthly? Yearly? Less? Why do you think we are so prone to forget our own lostness? Similarly, why is it easier to see others’ lostness than our own?

5) In verse 1 of chapter 14, Jesus says “…believe in God; also believe in me.” The Greek word used for “believe” here has an implied meaning of “trust” as well – a duel meaning the English word believe doesn’t seem to carry. How do you describe the relationship between belief and trust when it comes to faith?

6) Our bottom line statement was: You are lost, but Jesus has found you, focused you, and fought for you. How can you live out that truth more this week?

7) Who has God put in your path who needs to know that Jesus is the way, truth, and life – and how can you share it with him or her in the next two weeks?

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