True Security

Discussion Questions:

  1. Dan spoke of ways in which we attempt to "hang on to control" in the midst of the threats and challenges of life. What are ways that you try to hang on to control?
  2. The Apostle Paul commends the church in Colossae for their "faith in Christ Jesus" and their "love for all the saints." How do you think Paul would evaluate Calvary in those two categories? How would you evaluate yourself in those two categories?
  3. What is the worldly (secular) understanding of what "hope" is? How does that differ from the biblical meaning of "hope" (as Paul uses it in Colossians 1:5)?
  4. Dan mentioned a number of the truths of the Gospel that a believer's "hope" is "anchored" in. Which of these truths are particularly meaningful to you?
  5. Dan closed with the statement, "As we anchor our hope in the truth of the Gospel, the storms in our lives strengthen our faith and our love for each other." How have you seen the truth of that statement in your own life or in the lives of other Christians you know?

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7 thoughts on “True Security”

  1. Joyce Washechek

    Thank you Pastor Dan for a very timely sermon! Just what we needed to hear at a time like this. Looking forward to your future sermons.
    Sincerely, Steve & Joyce Washechek

  2. Thanks Pastor Dan for the wonderful biblical message you gave! So uplifting and inspiring 🙂 Thanks again & God Bless!

  3. Thank You Pastor Dan for a very timely message. Love the book of Colossians.
    We are part of Calvary’s Family but presently in Ft Myers as snowbirds. We will be returning the first part of April. Watched and listened online. A wonderful way to still feel part of our home church.

  4. Dorothy Lund Nelson

    Listening and watching from Mission, Texas as a Winter Texan and felt like I was right there with all of you!
    Outstanding message from Dan bringing the Spiritual experiences of people so long ago into our situations of today!
    Peace to all, as we keep our HOPE positive for health each day!

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