The Wait Is Almost Over

The wait is almost over…Christmas is almost here. Are you ready?

In this Advent season, we rejoice in God’s faithfulness to His promises to send a Savior. God kept those promises when Jesus came to earth over 2,000 years ago. Jesus has promised to come again, and we need to be waiting and preparing for his return.

I.  Past - God brought light to a dark world when Jesus was born. (Isaiah 9:1-3)

II.  Future – God will bring peace to a war-torn world when Jesus returns to establish his kingdom. (Isaiah 9:4-5, 7)

III. Present – God has given His son to us and for us. (Isaiah 9:6)

a. Wonderful Counselor

b. Mighty God

c. Everlasting Father

d. Prince of Peace

IV. Our response to God’s gift

a. Wait expectantly.

b. Believe confidently.

c. Share freely.

Keep the hope alive!


Discussion Questions:

  • What is the darkness in v.2? (See Isaiah 8:16-22.)
  • How does Jesus fulfill the prophecy to bring light to Israel? (Matthew 4:15,16)
  • What images come to mind as you read vs.4-5?
  • Have these verses been fulfilled? If so, when? If not, when will they be fulfilled?
  • Which of the names in v.6 do you find most meaningful?
  • If v.6 applies to Jesus, how can he be called the Everlasting Father?
  • What does Isaiah mean by ‘the zeal of the LORD’ in v.7?
  • What confidence does that phrase give you?

The Wait Is Almost Over (David Henry)

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