The LOOK (That Changed Simon Peter)

CONSIDER THIS: Jesus the teacher loved telling forgiveness stories.

A few examples: Luke 18:9-14, Luke 15: 11-32, Luke 7:41-43

Story Similarities: Two people desperately needing forgiveness; one embracing it

The Lesson: Forgiveness embraced --------------> love expressed


Simon Peter’s likely thought during the day

Luke 22:7-13

Simon Peter’s likely thinking that evening: (the upper room)

John 13:23-26

Luke 22:24-30

John 13:1-10

Luke 22:31-32, 36-38

Luke 22:31-38

Simon Peter’s likely thinking very late that night: (Gethsemane)

Mark 14:32-37

John 18:10-11

Mark 14:50

Simon Peter likely thinking in the wee hours of the next day: (Caiaphas’ place)

John 18:15-16

Mark 14:66-72

The look that changed Simon Peter Luke 22:61-62

What was Simon Peter thinking was in the look Jesus gave him?

Two likely possibilities:

1) “He’s deeply disappointed in me” (‘You, Simon…REALLY?’)

2) “He’s forgiving me!” (“It’s okay, Peter, I got this.”)

Clues: The word, Simon Peter’s reaction, Simon Peter’s next 30 years

MY SO WHAT? Jesus looks at me, and it matters!

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