The Good Shepherd

Central Thought: Jesus protects us from ourselves and other dangers by laying down His life for us.

I. We need a leader who cares. But who cares?

II. Jesus is the Good Shepherd.

A. Lays down his life for the sheep. (vs. 11, 17-18)

B. Knows his own sheep and they know him. (v. 14)

C. Heart of rescue: I have sheep of another fold. (vs. 16-17)

D. Contrast: the hired hand runs away.

E. The wolf does two things: snatches and scatters. (v. 12c)

III. Application

A. Do you sense your need for a leader?

B. Who is your leader? How is that working for you?

C. If you hear His voice, follow the Good Shepherd.

D. Be part of missions to save more sheep.

Discussion Questions:

1) What leader has directly shaped you the most and why?

2) How does the idea of being a sheep make you feel?
When you look back on your story, do you see a tendency to wander into danger?

3) What do the “wolves” look like today? What dangers do we face that we should be mindful of? Which of these are most pressing in your mind?

4) How do you see the wolves snatching and scattering in our world today?

5) Who is the hired servant in Jesus’ story?
How would you describe the hired servant’s motives?

6) Why would anyone prefer the hired servant to the Good Shepherd?

7) What did Jesus mean when He said He had sheep in another fold that He must pursue?
Who are these sheep? What does that look like today?

8) How well are you following the Good Shepherd?

9) What could you do this week to join Jesus in His rescue mission for other lost sheep?
What name does God press on your heart?
If you prayed for an opportunity this week, do you think God would give you one?
Would you be willing in helping some lost sheep find the Good Shepherd?

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