The Call

Discussion Questions:

  1. Summarize what you heard in the sermon, using ten words or fewer.
  2. Has anyone ever prophesied over you specifically? What was that experience like? There are, of course, biblical examples of prophecy as well as abuses of that concept. Which do you think that experience was for you?
  3. Talk about a time when you were so excited about news that you were just about bursting to share it. What was the news? And what was happening in your own heart as you waited to share it?
  4. If you consider yourself a follower of Jesus, name someone who was an important witness to you as you were first discovering your relationship with God. Who is on you heart that, if you could, you could “bring him/her to Jesus” like Andrew did with Simon Peter?
  5. In what ways is fishing a good training ground for ministry? In other words, what skills are transferrable from their previous profession, to this new vocation of being a full-time Jesus follower? In contrast, in what ways are those two jobs quite different?
  6. Read Matthew 4:18-20
      1. If Jesus called you to follow Him right now, what would be the hardest thing to walk away from in your life?
      2. What is the “fishing pond” of your life? Who in your sphere of influence or sphere of proximity is in need of the life-saving message of Jesus? How will you take a step with that person this month?
      3. As you consider your faith story, was your trust in Jesus immediate once you understood Him, or was it slower to develop? In what ways is your trust in Jesus still developing?


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