Standing in the Gap

Central Thought: Jesus stands in the gap through which we must walk for protection and for abundant life.

I. Is there anywhere safe?

II. Understanding the danger and the door

A. There is a person/ there are people who climb the walls. (v. 1)

B. The one who enters the door is the shepherd. (vs. 2-3a)

C. Sheep follow the shepherd, not a stranger.

D. Jesus is the door. (vs. 7-9a)

E. The Enemy’s agenda is to steal, kill, and destroy.

F. Jesus’ agenda is to give life and life abundantly.

III. Application

A. Increase your situational awareness.

B. Let Jesus be your door.

C. Do your part as a sheep.

D. Go through the door for life. Jesus is the only way.

Discussion Questions:

1) How safe is our world? Is it getting more dangerous or are we just more aware of things that have always being going on?

2) What is the difference between being safe and feeling safe?
Have you ever felt safe when you actually weren’t?

3) What does it mean to you that Jesus is the door?
If Jesus is the door, why does he let people climb the walls?

4) Sometimes Christians have a reputation for being naïve. Is that fair? Why or why not?

5) How well do you recognize Jesus’ voice?
Do you trust Jesus to provide good pasture for you?

6) If Jesus is the door, who is the shepherd?

7) Why do people have an agenda to steal, kill and destroy? Is this extreme, or does this describe our reality?

8) Why is the idea of Jesus being the door offensive to some?
Do you let Jesus stand sentinel over what comes in and out of your life?

9) What single step of obedience can you take this week to follow Jesus’ voice?

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