Seeing with New Eyes

Central Thought: God is at work all around you. You have to believe it to see it.

I. We have our timetables. God has His.

II. Sowing and reaping

III. Unhelpful categories: high-pressure sales

IV. New Categories: detectives and tour guides 1

V. A call to action


[1] Rick Richardson, Re-imagining Evangelism: Inviting Friends on a Spiritual Journey, (IVP 2006).


Discussion Questions:

1) Can you think of a time when you figured out when God should show up but He didn’t follow your timetable? Please share the story.
What did you learn from this? Why didn’t God do things when you thought He should?

2) How often are you surprised by what happens? Do people you thought would grab onto something reject it, while people you thought would reject it grab hold of it?

3) Which is the more important act – sowing the seed or reaping the results? Why?

4) Do you believe that God is at work all around you? Is that a confident belief, or has that become more tentative? What is the most recent thing you can point to and say, “Look at what God did here?” Are you reluctant to give God credit for something for fear that it wasn’t really Him?

5) Have you ever been in a high-pressure sales environment? Describe what that was like. How did you feel? What did you want to do in response to lots of pressure?

6) What is your dominant picture of evangelism? Is there a word picture that summarizes it?

7) Consider the image of being a detective who is looking for clues to how God is at work in your life and the lives of those around you.
How does being a detective sound?
How would it feel for someone to come to you and share that there are clues that someone loves them and is pursuing them for their highest good?
What happens in your heart when you compare the images of a high-pressure salesperson versus a detective looking for clues?

8) Consider the image of a tour guide who is taking someone through an amazing journey. The guide points out some things so that they won’t miss anything, and points out a few pitfalls that hurt some travelers.
How would you like to have a winsome tour guide point out a few things that you might miss?
If you were offered two jobs, one as a tour guide of a place you loved and the other as a high-pressure salesperson, which would you take?

9) What actions steps do you need to take in obedience to God’s word today?
How much of what God is doing around you are you seeing?
Are you willing to ask God to open your eyes even more to see what He is doing in your life and all around you?

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