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Sermon Discussion Questions:

  1. In the midst of this global pandemic, how have you changed (if at all) the way you think about death? Have the current circumstances affected how often you think about death? Have they affected how much you worry about it? How much you talk about it?
  2. What requests and thoughts have been dominating your prayers lately?
  3. What is the Mercy Seat, and what is its function in the Tent of Meeting? How does that function foreshadow Jesus?
  4. Read Hebrews Chapter 9, and consider the following:
    1. In what ways is Jesus’ sacrifice better than the previous version (according to the passage)?
    2. Why doesn’t Jesus have to continue to die on the cross annually the way Aaron had to go into the Holy of Holies annually?
    3. Read verses 27-28. Jesus is coming back. Why does that matter to followers of Jesus? Why does that matter to those who do not trust in Him and believe in Him?
  5. What area of your life do you find hardest to trust God with? Why?
  6. What amazes you the most about the Resurrection?
  7. In your own words, why do you think the Resurrection is important to your (personal) faith? Why is the Resurrection important to the legitimacy of Christianity as a whole?

5 thoughts on “Resurrection”

  1. Praise report so grateful for family of God. He Is risen Indeed praise report as Caleb served and preached what evangelism. Cross exemplified, serving in love.

  2. Thank you for the wonderful Easter service. He has risen, He has risen indeed! And we shall also, praise God!

  3. Thank you Pastor Dan and all the worship service participants! It was a very meaningful Easter service. Looking forward to singing those wonderful songs together next year!!

  4. What a lovely, joy-filled and inspired service. Kudos to all the creators who turned an hour of time into what felt like but a few moments of pure joy. To all the musicians, a BIG shout-out for your invaluable and gifted contributions; the service would not have been as uplifting without your rehearsal time, your talents, and willingness to share yourselves with us, your congregation. I feel very humbled and grateful.

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