Poured Out

Worship Modeled

David  (2 Samuel 23:13-17)

Mary  (John 12:1-8)

Worship Defined

Great ___________ flowing from great ___________

Five Observations about Worship

  1.       Worship is _______ - __________ into all people.

Augustine, Pascal, Romans 1:25

  1.       Improper worship _______________ us.
  2.       I can identify my object(s) of worship.

Answer this question:  What do I _________   _____________?

What occupies my unassigned thoughts?

What gets my free time?

Where does my  money flow?

  1. God does not ______________ from worship.

Why the built-in vacuum and the commands?

  1. Authentic worship is fueled by the ________ - ______________.

...heard, understood, believed, pondered, remembered



Discussion Questions:

1) Tim defined worship as great affection or service summoned by great value. Is that an accurate definition, or can you state it better? (if so, please do and explain.)

2) How did the stories of David with the water from Bethlehem and Mary with the perfume anointing Jesus’ feet resonate with you and why?

3) Do you think Tim was correct that God is more concerned with our worship over the course our our entire life than what happens in our lives daily? Talk about a time in your life where you have you found it difficult to worship at all.

4) Do you agree that nearly every single person is hardwired to worship something? What have you observed in people or in yourself that would support that view?

5) Do you agree with the strong statement Tim made: “If we don’t worship God properly, we will worship something that will twist us?” Explain.

6) Tim showed slides of things people highly value and are passionate about (stuff, celebrities, pets, themselves). Is it a stretch to call things and people we value and are passionate about something we “worship”? If not, how do you see this as different than what David and Mary did from our two texts on Sunday?

7) Explain why you agree or disagree with this statement: “What we think about with our unassigned thoughts, what we do with our free time, and what we spend on with discretionary income is an accurate barometer of what we treasure most.”

8) Tim suggested that if you and I never worshiped God, God would not suffer at all – as God is perfectly complete within Himself and needs nothing – and that worship really only benefits us. If it is we who need to properly worship, how does that affect your efforts to worship God or the priority worship has in your life?

9) Tim ended by suggesting that the fuel to light up authentic worship is the backstory of God and us – The Gospel. That if we really knew, believed, pondered, and regularly remembered the backstory of God and us, the worship would flow much more frequently and powerfully. Do you agree? If you think that is not the primary issue, what are the obstacles that you think trip up Christ followers?

10) What can Calvary do as a group of Christ followers, to increase the David and Mary type occurrences of deep affection flowing out of a great value for our triune God?

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