Perpetually Hungry!

Central Thought: Jesus is the only one who can satisfy your soul’s deepest hunger.
I. Hungry forever?

II. There is only one source that will satisfy your hunger.

III. What does it mean that Jesus is the Bread of Life?

A. Christ satisfies our deepest longings.

B. He is sent from Heaven.

C. Saving faith

D. Offended by truth

E. Will you leave too?

IV. Application

A. Seek Christ as the satisfaction for your deepest hunger.

B. Believe in Christ.

C. What will you do when Jesus offends you?
What will you do when everyone else is walking away?

D. Communion: take the bread and cup.

Imagine if…

Discussion Questions:

1) What is the hungriest you can ever remember being? Why were you so hungry? Tell the story.

2) Why didn’t the feeding of the 5000 have a more lasting impact on the people’s faith? Why did they need another sign the very next day?

3) Is being familiar with a truth a blessing or a curse? Does it make it harder to believe or easier?
Why did knowing Jesus cause the people struggle so much?

4) How often do you eat junk food rather than real food?
Why do we keep eating food that we know won’t satisfy us?

5) From your perspective, what is the most offensive thing Jesus taught?
Why were so many offended by the teaching that his flesh is real food and his blood is real drink?

6) Which factor drives more people away from Christ: familiarity, or being offended when Jesus says something they don’t like?

7) When everything hits the fan, what do you turn to?

8) What does communion mean to you? What emotions do you experience?
Of the different aspects of communion, which speaks to you the most (remembering, thanksgiving, self-examination/confession, looking forward to his return)?

9) What spiritual junk food will you put down so that you can eat the bread of life?

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