Origin Story: How Simon Became Peter, part 1

Discussion Questions:

1)     Why do you find yourself so curious about the story behind people in your neighborhood? Do you think your curiosity is mostly good or neutral, or mostly nosiness for nosiness’ sake?

2)     What are some mental pictures you have of what Simon Peter must have been like? What are some words you most readily associate with him?

3)     At the time of his writing of the letters we call I and II Peter, Simon Peter had been following Jesus for 30+ years. For how long have you been following Jesus (if you consider yourself a follower of Jesus)? Have there been any significant points where you saw your faithfulness or your resolve to follow Jesus change or grow? What led to that?

4)     Read I Peter 2:4-5.

a)      Why does Peter use the qualifier “living” to talk about the stones that followers of Jesus are to be? Why is that necessary?

b)     If Peter is the first “brick” stone laid in the spiritual house, how and why is that a significant connection to today’s “bricks,” meaning the people of God here and now?

c)      What is the significance of taking on the role of being a “holy priesthood?” In other words, what responsibilities do all people who follow Jesus have that somehow resemble the work of a biblical priest?

5)     Why is it significant to remember that Jesus was a real person, and not just a story, a legend, or a myth?

6)     In what ways does the relationship between Peter and Jesus help you better understand, a) how Jesus wants to engage with you, and b) how you can better approach/follow Jesus?

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