New Heart - New Song

I. Why sing?

A. He heard me when I cried. (v. 1)

B. He pulled me out of the pit. (v. 2a)

C. He has set me on a rock (v. 2b)

D. He has done great things. (Psalm 98:1)

E. He has given me a new song. (v. 3)

F. We sing because He has changed our heart.

G. We sing because God is at work drawing together a choir from the ends of the earth to glorify Christ. (Isaiah 42:10, Revelation 5:9)

II. Where are you at?

A. Exploring

B. You don’t sing and you don’t know why.

C. You don’t sing and you know why.

D. You sing but you don’t know why.

E. You sing and you know why.

III. Application

A. Take the next step in your spiritual journey. Ask God for a new heart.

B. Deal with unresolved issues.

C. Take a deep look into your soul. Have you responded to God’s grace in your life? If not, respond.

D. Reframe the issue of worship. It’s not about an experience you are seeking, but an expression of God’s transforming work in your heart.

E. Enter into this chorus from all over the world singing with a new heart.

Discussion Questions:

1) If you were to describe worship to someone that didn’t know anything about your faith, what would you say? What is worship?

2) Do you sing to God with gathered believers regularly? If you are honest with yourself, how big of a deal is that to you?
Why do you suppose the American church is seeing such a rapid and radical decline in Christians’ desire to worship God together in churches?

3) Of all the listed reasons to sing, which resonates with your heart the most? (Psalm 40:1-3)

4) Which category best describes you:
- Don’t sing and don’t know why.
- Don’t sing and you know why.
- Sing and you don’t know why.
- Sing and you know why.

5) If one of the major reasons for singing is to testify about what God has done for you, flowing out of a new heart, why do we put so much emphasis on the style of worship?

6) What is the biggest thing that keeps you from heartfelt worship? What can be done to remove that barrier? Who might you need to talk to about that? Are you willing to do what you need to do in order to see a breakthrough in this area?

7) What is the largest venue you have ever worshiped in? What was that like?
How often do you think about the fact that God is joining your voice to countless others all around the world?

8) What single step is God prompting you to take in light of His word?

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