Nepotism or a New Life?

Central idea: In the end it’s not who you know but in whom you believe.


I. False hope is a killer.

II. The true Light is for everyone and came to us.

III. Those closest to the Light didn’t see it or receive it.

IV. Faith in Christ ushers us into the family of God.

Discussion Questions:

1) If someone was placing their hope in something you knew to be false, what would you do to spare them the pain that will come?

2) What is the biggest disappointment in your life — something you placed your hope in that turned out to be a false hope?

3) Why doesn’t the world recognize its creator? (John 1:10b)

4) Do you agree with the statement, “It’s not what you know but who you know”?
What is true about that? What isn’t right about that?

5) Have you been on the losing side of nepotism? How did that feel?

6) How is God’s kingdom different from the nepotism of the world?

7) What false sources of light or hope are you occasionally tempted to follow?

8) How deep is your experience of the family of God?

9) If you could make one change in order to experience the family of God at a deeper level, what would it be? Will you make this change? When? And who will hold you accountable?

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