Lord of the Sabbath


Herodians were _____________________________ who supported King Herod.

Sadducees were a wealthy aristocracy primarily interested in _________________.

Scribes were teachers who devoted their lives to ____________________the Torah.

Pharisees were a popular and powerful group that tried to practice ____________ in their daily activities.

Do the Pharisees exist today?


... is deeply threatening to _____________________.

"It is more culpable to teach against the ordinances of the scribes than against the Torah." Mishnah

…, yet He ____________________________________.

Jesus is LORD….

Discussion Questions:

Getting Started

1) Acceptance and rejection are powerful. Describe a situation where you experienced one or the other. What do you remember about that experience? Did it hold any sway over you for a season?

Digging In

2) The goal of the Pharisees was to spread Scriptural holiness throughout the land by making each day "hallowed." In so doing they sought to model what holiness looked like in everyday life. This is very admirable, but what are its dangers?

3) In Matthew 23:1-29, Jesus pronounced seven "woes" upon the religious leaders. What are some of the sins that self-righteous people struggle with?

4) Have you ever met a 'modern day' Pharisee? Why do some Christ-followers become 'accidental Pharisees'?

5) How do the following truths 'smash' all rule-based discipleship?

  • Jesus Christ is LORD over all.
  • I am saved by grace.
  • I am made holy by the Holy Spirit.
  •  I will appear before Jesus Christ and give an account of my life.

Making It Count in My Life

6) Do you have a tendency toward a "rules-based" relationship with Jesus? Do you know what causes that tendency?

7) Read John 14:15, 23 and I John 2:3-5. How can you 'obey' Jesus this week without getting trapped in a 'rules-based’ relationship with Him?

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