Living for a Living Hope

  1. What do you hope for?
  2. Praise
    1. Who?
    2. For?
    3. When?
  3. How should knowing this change me?
    1. Joy
    2. Love
    3. Hope
  4. What does living it out look like?
    1. Believe
    2. Trust
    3. Endure


Discussion Questions:

1. What is the first toy you remember hoping for as a kid? Where is that toy now?

2. What are some other earthly things that you have put your hope in the past? Do you find your focus still going to those kinds of things first?

3. What are some ways you maintain balance with hoping and focusing first and foremost in Jesus, but also working to steward the things that He has given you to do here and now?

4. What are some refining trials that you have endured? (Share if you feel comfortable!)

5. Have those trials strengthened your faith? Do you struggle to maintain faith during trials? Hope? What are some ways that you work to keep hope/faith alive during those times?



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