Life-Giving Rhythms

I. Why do we need spiritual disciplines?

A. We have powerful enemies facing us: The world, the flesh and the devil.

B. Our choices matter. Cause and effect– sowing and reaping

II. The danger of discipline

A. It becomes homework.

B. It becomes competition.

C. The means becomes the end instead of a means to a greater end.

III. Fly-over

A. Reading Scripture

B. Sabbath rest

C. Prayer

D. Meditation/Thought life

E. Discipleship

F. Spiritual formation

G. Service

H. Isolation/Solitude/Silence

IV. Revisiting two disciplines

A. Sabbath Rest

B. Meditation/Thought life

Discussion Questions:

1) List some of the biggest influences in your life right now. Who is currently impacting you the most?

2) How aware are people of what is influencing them?

3) How could spiritual habits ever be dangerous? Have you ever had the sense that something you were doing to grow was having a negative or unintended impact on you? If so, would you share the story?

4) Have you ever seen someone confuse the means for the end? What typically happens when people confuse the means for the end?

5) What spiritual growth habits have you been exposed to? Which of those have been most meaningful and which are untapped in your spiritual journey?
(Reading Scripture, Sabbath rest, prayer, meditation/thought life, discipleship, spiritual formation, service, isolation/solitude/silence)

6) Why would a work/rest cycle help you grow spiritually?

7) How positive and life-giving is your thought life?
How much impact do people’s thoughts have on their daily life?

8) What one single step will you take to grow more in love with Jesus?

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