Let It Grow

Central Thought: A fruitful life is the only life worth living.


Four hearts, four soils —

The Path:

Rocky soil:

Thorny soil:

Fruitful soil:

Discussion Questions:

1) What are the paths in your life – areas that you walk over that aren’t that soft and things don’t really have an opportunity to grow?

2) What do you think about Satan as a real force that snatches away spiritual truth from those who disregard it? Is that real? Does that really happen?
How do you react to the idea that the things you disregard might not be random – that is, that other forces are at play?

3) How do you react to new ideas? Do you love them right away or do you typically resist new ideas? When you think of the rocky soil, what role does having deep roots play?

4) What might be some of the bedrocks in your life that keep your roots from growing deep?

5) What are some of the weeds in your life – the cares of this world and preoccupation with things or money? Why does Jesus say that riches are deceitful? What is deceitful about riches?

6) Why does preoccupation with the world keep someone from a fruitful life?

7) How fruitful is your spiritual life right now? What is your yardstick for measuring that?

8) What tangible actions can you take right now to have a more fruitful life?
How can you treat the seed as more precious, not stepping on it?
How can you grow deeper roots, building a resilient faith? What hard thing can you do this week for God?
What weeds of preoccupation with material things can you pull this week? Could you fast from something just to starve a weed and let the fruit grow?

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