Learning to Trust

January 24, 2020
Series: Origin Story
Book: Mark
Tim Nelson

Speaker: Tim Nelson

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I.   Simon Peter is heroic in the storm. (The Acts 3:1-4:23)

II.  Simon LEARNED to become a guy like that —

A. By finding and following Jesus. (Mark 1:1-4:34)

Things Simon witnessed…


 B. By weathering the first storm. (Mark 4:35-41)

Your observations:


Trust is a BIG, BIG deal to Jesus.

“Belief” and “Faith” are ______________ sisters.

“Trust” is their _____________ sister.

“Trust” is: _______________________________.

 C.  By following Jesus some more.

Things Simon witnessed…


 D. By stepping out in the second storm. (Matthew 14:22-33)

Your observations:


E. By following Jesus some more.

Things Simon witnessed before the Acts 3-4 storm…


III. Like Simon Peter, Jesus wants you and me to learn to trust.  (I Peter 2:4-6)





Discussion Questions:

  1. We are four weeks into this series, Origin Story: How Simon became Peter. Share an insight you have had about who Peter was and what he became that intrigues or inspires you.  Explain why.
  2. Tim said trust is a really big deal to God – maybe the biggest deal of all for what He is seeking to develop in us, His living stones. Do you agree?  Why or why not?  If you agree, WHY do you think this is so important?
  3. How would YOU define trust, and how do you think it is best developed in our journey toward Jesus or with Jesus as His apprentice?
  4. Tim shared the story of learning to do the Elk Lake Crawl, and suggested that from his point of view, this was how the majority of Christ-followers today lived out trust in God – going through the motions but always with “one foot on the bottom.” Do you think this is accurate?  If so, why do you think it is so hard for followers of Jesus to “go all in”?
  5. Simon Peter heard Jesus teach and saw Jesus do some AMAZING things while following him around. Yet Simon Peter struggled with trusting.  Why do you think that is?  Do you think it is harder today to learn to trust Jesus when we are not eyewitnesses of Jesus’ teaching and powerful miracles?  Why or why not?
  6. If you know the Gospels, it is not a “spoiler alert” to remind you that almost at the end of Simon Peter’s time with Jesus, he is anything but heroic – denying Jesus at the trial – and most Bible students believe he was overwhelmingly disillusioned, thinking that perhaps Jesus was not a trustworthy person in whom to place his trust. Is this a flaw in Simon Peter, or is this a pitfall that we can all fall into, or even the normal pattern of a follower of Jesus who longs to be a person of trust?
  7. Is trust in Jesus mostly forged in the storms of life? If that is true, how should we as seekers and followers of Jesus support each other in these difficult storm experiences?
  8. Tim said that if he could have Jesus answer just one question, he would ask, “Are you for me (have my ultimate best interest at heart)?” He said if the answer was YES, he thought he could trust Jesus through any storm.  Do you agree?  Share your own ‘one question for Jesus’ with the group.
  9. Tim suggested that the most important element of learning to trust is focusing on getting to know Jesus, and in doing so, seeing He is COMPLETELY TRUSTWORTHY. Do you agree?
  10. Who can get to know Jesus better, Simon Peter, or you and me? Why?
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