Leading From Your Knees

Central Idea: Jesus, knowing who He was and where He was going, calls us to follow Him in servant leadership.  


I. Who cares? Where have all the leaders gone?

II. Jesus as servant leader

A. Jesus led from clarity around who He was and where He was going. (vs. 3,13)

B. Jesus led from being loved, and loving. (vs. 1-2)

C. Jesus modeled servant leadership. (vs. 4-5, 12)

D. The world doesn’t understand it, but do it anyway. (v. 7)

III. Application

A. Understand who you are first.

B. Get grounded in where you are going.

C. Wash feet. What does that look like?
Go serve in love.

What if…

Discussion Questions:

1) What is the state of leadership today? Think of different kinds of leadership: religious, political, business, and social.

2) What is the driving motivation for leaders today? When you think of the leaders in your life, what do you think is their driving motivation?

3) What is the connection between Jesus’ identity as teacher and Lord and His servant leadership? Does servant leadership mean a loss of authority?
How does Jesus’ Lordship fit with washing feet?

4) Why is servant leadership so hard to understand?
What is the clearest example of servant leadership you have ever experienced?

5) Jesus knew He was going back to the Father. How much does seeing God impact your daily life?
How many times a week do you think about heaven?
Is heaven only for those who are near death?

6) How clear is your identity? Who do you say that you are?
What gives you the greatest sense of your identity?

7) How do you serve people in practical ways?
If serving others isn’t a part of your life, how can you start?
What practical step of obedience will you take?

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