Keep Stepping Out

What kinds of storms are you facing?

In the midst of a storm…

1. Jesus ________________ For Us      (vs. 22–24)

…with great _________________.

…with great _________________.

2. Jesus ________________ To Us      (vs. 25)

3. Jesus _________________ Us      (vs. 27–29)

• Notice the personal ____________________.

• Accept the personal ____________________.

4. Jesus ____________________ Us     (vs. 30–32)

…by lifting ____________________.

…by settling ____________________.

Next Steps:

1. Keep trusting Jesus in the storms of life.

2. Keep your eyes on Jesus.

3. What area of life do you need to surrender and trust God with?

Discussion Questions:

1) Do you take risks in life, or do you regularly seek security? How have these tendencies molded your life?

2) Read and discuss Matthew 14:25-31.

3) If you had been given the opportunity to walk on water, would you have taken it or stayed in the boat?

4) Pastor Paul indicated that when we choose to take comfort in Jesus, it may mean losing comfort in everything else. Does this idea bother you?

5) What are you most afraid to lose? Is it possible that this might be the one thing that Jesus is asking you to walk away from? Why might He ask this of you?

6) Jesus says to Peter in Matthew 14:31, “Why did you doubt?” What causes us to doubt? How do you get your eyes back on Jesus?

7) Can you identify one area of your life where it is terrifying to take that next step of faith? What tangible thing can you do to take this step of faith? How can your group support you as you take this step?

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