Identity Theft

Central Thought: Your identity sets the direction of your life. Finding your identity in Christ gives you meaning for a lifetime.

I. Identity theft today

II. Identity theft then

III. Who is Jesus?

IV. Application

A. Figure out who Jesus is.

B. Figure out your identity – Who is your storyteller?

C. Protect your identity.

Discussion Questions:

1) Have you personally had your identity stolen? What came of it what did it take to get your identity back?

2) What is the basic motive behind stealing someone’s identity?

3) When it comes to giving us an identity – as in, defining who we are – what is the number one source of identity for those you are close with?

4) Have you noticed that there is pressure from social systems to adopt one of a limited number of identities? Why do you suppose that is?

5) Who did Jesus’ contemporaries think He was? Who do people say He is today?

6) Why do you suppose Jesus is so controversial?

7) Who has had the biggest influence in your life in telling you your story? Who more than any other has invited you to consider who you might be?
Why do you suppose they play that role?

8) What damage can be done if the wrong story tellers are given power in the lives of young people?

9) How much does Jesus have to say about who you are?

10) How do you protect your identity in Christ? What specific measures do you take to make sure that identity isn’t stolen?

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