"I Who Speak to You Am He."

Why Jesus?

Because His love for me and His pursuit of me _____________________________________.

Because He meets me __________________________________________________________.

Because Jesus changes ________________________________________________________.

Discussion Questions:

Getting Started

Our country has experienced much change in the last 30 years. What do you like about those changes and what is difficult for you?

Digging In

1) The meeting of Jesus and the woman revealed three social barriers – gender, racial, and moral. How is that situation similar to today, and in what ways is it different?

2) What impresses you about the example of Jesus in this story? What can we take from His example to address the people barriers that exist today?

3) Why is diversity so divisive? What is your reaction to the statement “racism is more about the condition of our hearts than the color of our skin”?

4) John’s Gospel focuses upon the deity of Jesus Christ. Yet in this story we are told that “Jesus was thirsty” even though He was the Messiah (4:26). What is the significance of the doctrine that Jesus is “fully God and fully man”? How does this doctrine impact your daily life?

5) Jesus met this woman where she was (physically, emotionally, spiritually). How did Jesus get your attention and reveal your need for Him?

6) Jesus gently exposed the woman’s sin. What role does ‘repentance’ have in coming to faith in Christ and spiritual growth?

7) Everything about this woman’s life changed upon meeting Jesus. How has Jesus changed your life?


1) Of the three statements, a) Jesus loves me deeply and passionately pursues me, b) Jesus meets me where I am, and c) Jesus changes everything, which one is the most meaningful to you today? Explain why.


2) Based upon Christ’s example in John 4, how can you adjust your lifestyle to ‘connect’ to people who need to hear the good news about Jesus?

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