I Hope We Dance



TO DANCE IS…to show _________ _________ in someone



TEXT:  Zephaniah

TODAY’S BIG IDEA:  Everyone Needs to Be Danced Over

Even Jesus needed to be danced over…demonstrated in 3 Gospel incidents




First Dance: Matthew 3:16-17 -- but see Mark 1:11 & Luke 3:2

Second Dance: Matthew 17:5

          Last Dance:  John 12:27-28

GOSPEL:  There was one day God didn’t dance.

BTW… Jesus may have needed people to dance over him, too

DANCING OVER EACH OTHER:  Survival in a world with “two left feet”

About your dancing partners…

Kids, moms and dads, wives and husbands, employees & bosses

Impact of living in a world with two left feet…

Satan (and his world) can dance


2020 – let’s start dancing lessons over Jesus and his kids



Discussion Questions:

  1. Tim suggested that although he is Scandinavian, and Minnesota tame, nevertheless at times with his kids he simply could not help but swoop them up and dance with them around the house. Tell your group about a time you were overcome with unbridled delight in a child or grandchild.
  2. Tim challenged us from the Zephaniah text that despite how incorrigible God’s kids are, God the Father expresses unbridled delight in them (us). Is this your view of God the Father – swooping us up in His arms and dancing around with us?  Is this view consistent with other parts of Scripture?
  3. The BIG IDEA of the message was “EVERYONE needs to be danced over.” It is a fundamental need we all have to feel the object of delight for others.  Do you agree, or is this just part of the spirit of our age that people have become fragile and needy and they should just get a grip and man up?
  4. We looked at three incidents in the Gospels where God the Father audibly speaks words of affirmation and delight over Jesus the Son. Tim suggested that Jesus, as a fully human person, needed    Do you agree, and if not, why do you think God the Father spoke to or about Jesus those three times?
  5. Just how hard is it to be a kid, a parent, a spouse, a worker or boss, a church attendee or leader in this world? Do you think we are encouraged and built up enough, or is the world we live in really one with “left feet”?
  6. We’ve often heard about how important it is to expect great things from people (kids, teammates, employees, church ministry leaders) and push them to achieve it. Is this a biblical concept?
  7. Tim suggested that Satan knows how to dance, and may be doing a better job of it than God’s people are doing. Where have you found people who seem to delight in you the way you are – among the people of the world, or the people of the Church?
  8. How excited do you get about ‘dancing over Jesus’? Most people, whether expressive or non-expressive, would admit dialing their delight WAY DOWN when it comes to expression of affection for Jesus, even in private.  What is driving this?
  9. What will eternity with God and each other be like? Do the peeks we get from Scripture suggest “unbridled delight” in God and each other as His kids describe it?  Does “learning how to dance” here have an impact on the hereafter?
  10. What is one take-away from the message that I WILL act on and report back to the group?



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