I Am the Christ

Central Thought: Jesus is God, and He is God’s eternal solution to our sin problem.

I. Who can you trust?

II. Who is Christ? What does that mean?

A. Anointed

B. Eternal

C. Savior of the world

D. Equal to God

III. Changing our lives forever

A. Settle who Jesus is.

B. Bring your sin problem to Jesus.

C. Let Christ rule your life.

Imagine if…
Discussion Questions:

1) Would you consider yourself a trusting person? What is good about being trusting? Can you be too trusting? Have you had an experience with misplaced trust?

2) What does it mean to you that Jesus is God’s anointed?
How can you know that Jesus was really sent by God the Father?

3) In what sense is Jesus the “savior of the world” (John 4:43)?
Does that mean that everyone is saved, no matter what (universalism)?

4) Why do you suppose the Jewish leaders wanted to kill Jesus for claiming to be the Christ (John 10:31-33)?
Why do people react so violently to Jesus today?
What is your experience if and when you bring up Jesus with others?

5) Is it possible to talk about your faith in ways that are winsome to those who don’t yet have a relationship with Jesus?
What ways have you found effective?

6) Is Jesus the solution to your sin problem? Tell the story – how did that happen? What difference does it make to you in your day-to-day life that Jesus has made provision for your sin?

7) How much would you say you trust Jesus? What is the biggest step of faith that you have taken for God? Please share it with others. What made that a hard step of faith?

8) How in charge of your life is God? When it comes to practical things, how much do you factor in God’s will to your daily decision making?
Do you have an area in your life you haven’t really surrender to him? If so, why? What would it take to turn that over to Him?

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