Growing Together

Central Idea:  If we are going to grow spiritually, we need Jesus and His people.

I. We need connection.

II. You and Jesus and…

A. Is it all about you and Jesus?

B. Growing together brings a fruitful life.

C. Growing together is joyful.

D. Growing together roots us in love.

E. Growing together empowers us to love others.

III. Application

A. Connect for joy.

B. Connect for meaning.

C. Connect for love.

D. Connect before you need to.
Connect today! Help create the culture you want.

Discussion Questions:

1) What are some of the dominant messages you have heard about spiritual growth? Has spiritual growth been talked about in individualistic or in community terms? Has it been more “you and Jesus” or “we and Jesus”?

2) Reading John 15, do you instinctively take all the “you” pronouns as singular or plural?
How should we talk about “you” plural? Do you have a suggestion?

3) When have you felt the most connected to Jesus and His people?

4) Is it possible to be deeply connected to Jesus but completely disconnected from His people?
Why does Jesus command His disciples to abide all together in Him?
Is that command optional for us today?

5) What does a fruitful life look like to you?
What kind of fruit could you imagine God growing through you?

6) How much of Jesus’ joy do you enjoy?
Could you grab hold of Jesus’ words to know more of His joy?

7) What ways of abiding in God’s love and then passing that love on to others have you found most effective?

8) Do you need to take an active step toward community?
What is keeping you from Jesus’ prayer for you?
Would you explore growing your connection to Jesus and His people here at Calvary?

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