Gospel Assets

Discussion Questions:

  1. What assets did Simon Peter use to further the gospel during his lifetime? What do you think this demonstrates about the life and belief system of Simon Peter? Can someone do these kinds of things without fully understanding or fully believing the gospel message? Why or why not?
  2. What are the assets American Christians are mostly likely to use selfishly rather than with kingdom-mindedness? Why do you think (the thing you named) is such a common culprit for this kind of thinking?
    What message do you think the storytelling in America (movies, books, tv, etc.) signals about our culture and sacrifice? In other words, what does general culture say is worth sacrificing for (rather than the gospel)?
  3. If you have ever traveled internationally and interacted with Christian communities elsewhere, how has that affected your understanding of, or behavior toward, using your assets for kingdom purposes? For example, did it make your more or less generous?
  4. Taking the next step of obedience in using your assets for kingdom purposes does not have to happen all at once, and it does not need to be some grand gesture. What is one asset you hope to use more purposefully for the kingdom in the immediate future, and how do you plan to do that?
  5. If someone looked at your home, your family (even your family of origin), your marriage (or other relationships/friendships), and your life as a whole, would they see evidence of your belief in Jesus in each of those areas? Why or why not?
  6. Read I Peter 3:1-7. Here, Peter writes about marriage and the responsibilities of husbands and wives.

a.  Does anything bother you about this passage? If so, what?

b.  [Let’s use this prompt as personal reflection. Only share if you really care to…this may be of a more personal nature than group discussion can allow.]

i.   Husbands, plan (to yourself) one way you can show honor to your wife this week (v7).

ii.  Wives, think (to yourself) of one way you can show your respect for your husband this week in an active way (v2)?

iii. Singles, what is one thing you can learn from this exhortation to married couples that helps reveal the way we should love, respect, and honor one another always as brother and sisters in Christ?

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