God at Work; Person in Progress

Discussion Questions:

1) Did the message of the sermon make sense to you? Could you shed some more light on your answer?

2) Are there area(s) of your will God has worked on in the past? What were they and what was the outcome? How do you think He went about it? That is, by what means/instrument did He conform your will to His own?

3) Is God currently working on an area of your will? How long has the process been going on? How are you feeling about it? If it has been a while, what is keeping you from yielding to Him? If you will yield to His work on your will, what do you think will come out of it? Does the thought scare you?

4) What are some of the things you think give God pleasure? Are you doing them? If not, how do you think you could partner with Him to begin doing them?

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