Following Royalty

Central Idea:  Jesus is the leader you have been looking for. Follow Him.

I. Is there anyone worth following?

II. Jesus as King

A. What have you heard about Jesus? (vs. 33-34)

B. Moving past racism (v. 35)

C. Jesus’ kingship

D. The gospel that changed the world (Acts 2:29-35)

III. Application

A. What do you know about Jesus? What have you heard?
Will you consider Jesus as King?

B. Will you bow your knee to King Jesus?

C. Refuse to follow any other leader, except Jesus and those who follow Jesus.

D. Grab hold of the truth that Jesus came into this world to bring

Imagine if…

Discussion Questions:

1) Who is the best leader you have ever had the privilege to follow? What made them such a good leader?

2) Who was the worst leader you have ever had to follow? What made that so hard?

3) What do you think about Jesus being a king?
What do you think about Jesus being your king?

4) Does Jesus’ statement about his Kingdom not being of this world imply a commitment to nonviolence? Why or why not?

5) How could racism today keep people from seeing Jesus?

6) How in control of your life is Jesus?

7) What keeps you from surrendering more of your life to Him?

8) How do you understand Pilate’s question, “What is truth?” Is Pilate sincerely asking, or is he dismissive that there is such a thing?
Do you accept the truth Jesus came to bring?

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