Follow the Leader

I. The journey starts with following. (Matthew 4:19, 8:22, 9:9, 10:38, 16:24)

II. Take the next step of obedience.

A. Jesus has all authority.

B. Disciples are to make other disciples.

C. Teaching to obey

D. Simplifying discipleship to taking the next step of obedience

III. Inviting others to follow you as you follow Jesus

A. The call to have others follow: Follow me as I follow Christ.

B. Examples of how this is working out

IV. Application: Where are you at?

A. Decide who gets to be in charge – is it you or Jesus, or someone else?

B. Make obedience a daily choice of small incremental steps.

C. Ask someone else to join you in your journey.

Discussion Questions:

1) What was the first step you took toward God that you can remember? Was that step clear to you in the moment, or was it clearer as you looked back?

2) What does it mean to you to be a follower of Jesus Christ? Is that a subjective determination or should that answer be consistent for all Christians?

3) What specifically is involved in being a disciple of Jesus? Why does Jesus mention teaching to obey? Is obedience a heart issue or a behavioral issue? Why?

4) Are there people you would follow? Who? Why?
Has anyone asked you to follow them as they follow Christ?
Is it arrogant to say, “Follow me”?

5) Have you decided who gets to be in charge of your life? What options have you tried out in your life? How did that work for you?

6) What practical step of obedience could you take right now that would help you follow Jesus more closely?
How much of Jesus’ teaching do you obey? Are there some key areas you avoid?

7) Is there someone you could/should invite on your spiritual journey?
Who is it? What keeps you from inviting them to join you?

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